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InclusionQuery significantly enhances Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) related enterprise risk resilience. It focuses on addressing under-representation of visible minorities by applying three statistical significance tests: The 'Availability' test, the 'Barrier' test and the 'Bias' Test to provide accurate data to aid decision-making and EDI reporting. The Availability test is the initial enquiry and calculates if a visible protected characteristic group (Gender, Ethnicity, Disability) is under-utilised at a target level (Board, Senior Management and Officer) within the organisation. If an under-utilisation is found, InclusionQuery establishes whether this is as a result of barriers or bias within the selection process or both.

The 'Barrier' test calculates whether there are barriers in the application process which may be deterring, dissauding or discouraging applicants from applying. If barriers remain undetected, the Bias' test is conducted using the applicants actual data, to establish if hidden bias is the cause. If a barrier is detected, then a 'proxy group' (usually the ONS availability ratio for the job catchment area) is used instead in conducting the 'Bias' test rather than the actual applicants data. It is now possible to establish the causes for the under-utilisation and investigate the reasons for any barriers or bias detected, institute corrective objectives and actions within the Diversity Strategy and Action Plan and report on overall performance and progress.  

InclusionQuery supports Android and iOS devices.

Chrome / Android Browser (3.2 or later) / Apple Safari (3.x or later, iOS5.1.1 or later), Microsoft IE 9 or later, Mozilla Firefox 3.x or later.

InclusionQuery tracks applicants through each of the recruitment stages - application, shortlist and job offer. This monitoring information is retained by InclusionQuery. Applicants have the option 'Prefer Not to say' but are strongly encouraged to declare.

General Matters

Personal data collected by InclusionQuery as part of the registration process will be kept securely. InclusionQuery will never sell your data. Data collected through the employment equalities monitoring feature, or for the purpose of undertaking statistical comparison tests to identify barriers and bias, will be anonymised and aggregated. For more information please refer to our privacy policy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

InclusionQuery is a web-based people analytics platform, providing diversity & inclusion informatics that deliver the big data and information variables organisations require in order to make informed, accurate, inclusive people selection decisions as part of an ethical people governance framework. 

InclusionQuery is a useful tool for public sector organisations who have to meet the Public Sector Equality Duties. It is also useful for large and mid-size organisations across all industries and sectors. Typical users include large public interest entities and listed companies. InclusionQuery helps in meeting the compliance requirements on EDI of the European Commission Directive 2014/95/EU. 

It is a corporate governance mandate and part of the fiduciary responsibility that organisations employ the best people regardless of race, gender and disability status. InclusionQuery ensures all relevant people selection variables are considered and evaluated using various statistical tests, providing organisations with a structured framework for data-driven inclusive decision-making in the critically important area of people selection.

Bias is defined as a particular tendency, trend, inclination feeling or opinion which is often pre-conceived and unreasoned. It can be conscious or unconscious. What makes it hidden is the fact that conventional organisational systems and metrics are not configured to identify it's existence. Consequently organisations are ill-equipped to accurately measure, manage and report on it.

Hosting & Security

We host the InclusionQuery platform in world-class data centres within the UK. All data centres meet the following certifications:


  • ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Security
  • ISO 14001 (UK)
  • BSOHSAS 18001 (UK)
  • ISO9001 (UK Enterprise and Support Functions) 
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) and DSS (Data Security Standard) Level 1 Service Provider
  • CPS (Content Protection and Security Standard)


Payment Modalities

You can choose a monthly subscription with a valid credit card or make a single annual payment by invoice.

Absolutely. You can trial InclusionQuery for free for 30 days. Payment by credit card or invoice will only become necessary, at the end of the trial period should you decide to continue with your subscription.

No. You will only need to register a valid credit card on the expiry of the 30 day Trial period if you wish to continue with the subscription.

Your security is absolutely paramount to us. InclusionQuery uses Stripe which has been certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available.

Yes. We offer volume and multi-location (counties) discounts. Contact us for more information.

We offer a free trial and a one year subscription agreement covering all the organisation's sites within a single County.

You will be able to use the full service during the 30 day trial period. It is advisable to only use the 'Managed Recruitment Events' option with the automated equalities monitoring tool if you intend to continue with the full subscription. This is because the average recruitment process can take longer than 30 days, and you will not be able to access the equalities monitioring data if your trial subscription lapses.

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If you have more than 3000 members of staff or are spread out across different county locations, you can email us with the details and we will arrange for a Relationship Manager to visit you to discuss your specific requirements.


Phone support, video tutorials, account management, training and consulting services are all available. Clients are assigned a point of contact who will act as their Relationship Manager.