A revealing study into workforce diversity within London's Local Authorities has been published by InclusionQuery.

Based on FOI responses of 28 of the 33 London Local Authorities, the report looks into how representative, the London Local Authority workplace is of London's diversity, in respect of gender, ethnicity and disability; ranking the relative performance of London Councils in a new authoritative Index. 

The report also attempts to go behind the standardised 'boiler-plate' statements routinely published by Public Authorities on Equality, in order to ascertain the extent to which London Councils are compliant with the Public Sector Equality Duty.

After 52, 42, and 22 years of legislated, anti-discrimination equal opportunities policy and practice in the UK following the passing of the Race Relations, Sex Discrimination and Disability Discrimination Acts respectively, and latterly, the Equality Act 2010. The report findings confirm that the 'glass ceiling' is still very much intact, the 'snowy white peaks' still remain frigid bastions of White Anglo-Saxon, male privelege and the skirting boards still pose an insurmountable barrier for disabled applicants seeking a fulfilling career in public service.

With respect to compliance, the findings paint a dismal picture of incomprehensible indifference and ineptitude, suggesting that the public sector equality duty is honoured more in the breach than in the observance. The report calls on Government to implement in full the recommendations emanating from the McGregor-Smith review and on Local Authorities to adopt best practice by periodically testing their workforce and recruitment practices for disparate impact.

About the author

Glanville Einstein Williams is a Diversity and Inclusion Specialist.